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Rubbermaid® Carts

We modify carts  to be better suited for the rugged set lifestyle.

We have been modifying Rubbermaid® carts for many years. The concept of our modification allows the user to quickly disassemble the cart in order to transport in the trunk of a car or ship on an airlplane. 


The pneumatic wheels are  mounted to custom black anodized blocks machined out of 6061 T-651 aluminum. These blocks are laser engraved in our shop with the customers name to minimize the risk of the cart being lost.


15" rubber straps are permanently attached to the cart to secure the top of the tripod legs. U-bolts are attached to the bottom shelf to accept the pointy ends of the sticks.


The cart photos above show all the equipment that is provided with each cart. 


We manufacture custom Mitchell mount hi-hats to be attached to the top shelf of a Rubbermaid cart. This is a $375 option and can be added to your existing cart.

  • 8" - Less expensive / Optional brakes 


  • 10" - More durable / Roll easier / Internal air pressure less sensitive to temperature change


8" or 10" Wheels - How do I decide?


              10" Wheel                              8" Wheel               


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